Staff Contact Phone List

Department Contacts

P: 847-599-7424
F: 847-336-4438

P: 847-245-3700
F: 847-245-7357

Loan Servicing
P: 847-599-7457
F: 847-245-7357



Stephen G Lear, ChairmanPresident and CEO
P: 847-599-7474
F: 847-336-4438

Frank H MynardExecutive Vice President
P: 847-599-7401
F: 847-245-7357

Nathan E Walker, Senior Vice President 
P: 847-599-7480
F: 847-336-4438

Susan J Suski, Chief Financial Officer
P: 847-599-7450
F: 847-336-4438

Christine E SticklerVice President & Secretary
P: 847-599-7475
F: 847-336-4438

Amy L AvakianVice President / Commercial Lending
P: 847-599-7456
F: 847-245-7357

Linda Moran, Vice President/ Mortgage Origination
P: 847-599-7440
F: 847-245-7357

Victoria Drinka – Assistant VP / Branch Manager – Lewis Avenue
P: 847-599-7421
F: 847-336-4438

Vicki Olenski, Assistant Vice President/Loan Operations and Servicing
P: 847-599-7410
F: 847-245-7357

Lisa StoneAssistant VP / BSA Officer
P: 847-599-7405
F: 847-336-4438

Connie UrbanikAssistant VP / Branch Manager – Sand Lake Road
P: 847-599-7402
F: 847-245-7334

Agnes M VetteseAssistant VP / Deposit Operations
P: 847-599-7477
F: 847-336-4438



Stephen G LearChairman of the Board, President and CEO

Apolonio Arenas

Thaddeus M Bond Jr.

Marcella A Bosnak

Thomas M Ivantic

James L Merlock, Vice Chairman

Rodney J True

William C IvanticDirector Emeritus

Walter A Kroll, Director Emeritus