Online Banking - Convenience Through Technology

Think of North Shore Trust and Savings’ iBanking as a branch that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! With iBanking and iMobile you can access information on your accounts anytime, anywhere from your desktop, smartphone or mobile device.

Why online banking is right for you

North Shore Trust and Savings is committed to offering our customers added convenience though the use of technology. The centerpiece of our technological offerings is iBanking, Online Banking with Bill Pay. Enrolling in in iBanking is easy and free*. Enrollment also allows North Shore Trust customers to utilize the iMobile smartphone app which offers the same great features as iBanking, with the additional convenience of mobile check deposits!

The Basics

Online banking started as a way for people to check their balanced and transfer money between accounts online. For many, this saved them from calling the bank to ask if a direct deposit had arrived or if a check written had cleared the account. Today, online banking has evolved into a sophisticated financial tool which allows you to conduct nearly all of your banking business at a time and place that is most convenient to you.

More than just checking your balances and paying bills

North Shore Trust’s iBanking has evolved into a robust financial management tool. Online banking offers many features beyond Bill Pay, but all are designed to help better manage your cashflow.

Beyond the basics

One of the most commonly utilized features of iBanking is online Bill Pay. Bill Pay allows you to pay a bill or transfer between banks without paper checks, stamps, envelopes and mailing time. Utilizing technology allows North Shore Trust and Savings’ customers to pay bill and transfer money whenever is convenient for them. Sending money electronically is more secure than sending a check through the mail, and the delivery dates are more predictable. Foregoing stamps and paper checks helps you save a little money in the process.

Online Bill Pay offers further convenience through technology by streamlining your bill payment process. Once the payee’s information is entered into the system, you simply need to click on the company you wish to pay, enter the amount and desired delivery date. The process takes seconds and can be done as soon as you receive the bill. Studies have shown that by simplifying the payment process, Online Bill Pay helps consumers build and maintain a good credit history by making payments on time.

For bills with payments of the same amount each month, such as a car or housing payment, you can set up recurring and automatic payments, further reducing the amount of time you spend paying bills and ensuring you never miss paying one of these top-priority bills on time.

E-Statements and E-Bills

Now that you are paying your bills electronically with Bill Pay, you might as well switch to e-Statements and e-Bills to avoid receiving a paper statement in the mail. With electronic documents, you no longer have to wait for your statements to come in the mail. You will simply receive an e-mail notifying you your statements are available to view on the 1st of every month.

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Alerts can be established to notify you via e-mail or text*. The system allows users to setup a notification to be sent when the account balance falls above, or below, a certain amount. Receiving notification when your balance falls below a preset amount can save the cost and embarrassment of an overdraft or declined debit card. Notification when your balance rises above a preset amount can signal a direct deposit has been made or that excess funds can be moved to earn more interest in a savings account or reduce interest expenses by paying down credit card debt.

Manage My Money

Manage My Money is an online expense tracking tool that facilitates budgeting. Manage My Money automatically tracks and categorizes the money that flows in and out of your account. You can set up spending limits and savings goals, then track your progress with easy to ready color coded graphs.



PopMoney allows you to transfer money to another person using their cell phone number or e-mail address.

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iMoble Smartphone App

iMoble Smartphone App brings the power of online banking to your pockets. The iMoble App for Apple and Android smartphone offers all the same great features as the internet version of iBanking, but the app makes the features easier to us on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, iMoble provides the ability to make a deposit buy taking a picture of a check utilizing your devises camera.

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Best of all iBanking is FREE, FAST, and SECURE!


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